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Nyle DiMarco, First Deaf Contestant are WINNER of America's Next Top Model 2015!

We, Deaf community in Malaysia always happy! We really want to meet Nyle DiMarco who are the WINNER of America's Next Top Model TV for 2015! We hope that Nyle DiMarco will visit our country, Malaysia if one of our local or international company bring him to promote their brand in Malaysia! So, we can get an autograph from him.

Amazing! He is most handsome and sexist guy! He also is cute when he give you a big smile too. Nyle DiMarco also signed to you and everyone, "You wanna to be on top?"

Source images by ETonline.com

Here, I like his beautiful photography of Nyle DiMarco, so you can see the cute photos below;

A photo posted by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

 He had success as amazing model and actor, especially he is a great advocate for the Deaf community in the world after he won and captured a title of the America's Next Top Model 2015!

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