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My mom interested in the Moms4Projects as she was curious! Mom encouraged me to join this event at Paper +Toast Cafe, Kuala Lumpur on last last 30th May 2015, in order to research how do something to help the Deaf mothers can make money, included the disability people too. But, this is not first time because in many cases, Deafs/ Hearing impaired failed to get the employment in the companies, or forced to work in low-salary jobs and other case; when deaf people become old, they have to be fired by boss or forced to be retired from their company. It always happened to disability community.


When the Deaf/ Blind/ Disability parent raised their normal kids, they have to work twice so hardworking because the financial still be not enough and depends on their parent so much. That is what become the parent always worry about their own son/ daughter, be be Deaf parent who raise the normal kids under the stress situation, for the family's future. Nowadays, there are few divorced mothers , then they become single mother, so it is very difficult. They don’t have this advantage: They’re both deaf, that lead you think how to solve this matter? If you imagine you have a disability child,we always think you as special and unique person, it is not negative about being the disability...

That is why I need to increase the disability's awareness for the mothers' society. I have to find out about how the disability mothers can get a job as part-time during they are housewife. My Deaf friends to be mother, always want to be independent, without depends on their parent.  I hope that Moms4Projects can help them to check out on the jobs are available on their website, and share to give more information about the networking business and making money online too.

My mom and I also introduced to Ms Angeline Chin, founder of Moms4Projects, then we got know every mother and startup teams, such as GoGet.my, Startup consultants, Wellness coach, Kid's safety gadget distributor, water-based skincare product, Essential Oil products, Tarot reading, Feng Shui Master and others...
Ms Yang Fang Yi gave the hand massage to my mom

"Ms. Yang Fang Yi, from doTERRA Welleness advocate started the ball rolling by giving introduction of the essential oils. This Essentials oil is not only used for its aromatic scent as others do but it can also be use in a massage. There is also another fantastic use of this Doterra essential oil such as for healing and foretelling of emotions." - My mom says 

She advised us to get the calming effect when we used the essential oil before we feel relax when we want to sleep. Then my mom was told to draw a card from a stack of Ms Yang's cards with names of flowers, herbs and spices. I surisped that my mom drew out a card "clove", which she then refers to a book that describes the "clove", the emotions involved and types of oils needed for healing, that similar as my mom's name of my blog, secret-spices, as spices also did have cloves in it.  WOW!
The guy explained about how to use KitFit app via smartphone, that can track where place your kid located at..?

Wherecom explained about KitFit Phone Watch, a type of watch that can track and alert the parent if their kid is danger. It uses two-way communication (with GPS + LBS) where the wearer or your child can alert you with an SOS if he/she face the danger. Once the SOS is activated, you are able to hear the conversation at the other end and it also shows the location of your child. This gadget is not only useful for tracking kids but also for handicapped person (OKU).

I think that Deaf mothers can try the KitFit Phone Watch if they worried about their hearing kids. If their kids never tell their parent about where are they going after the school, then their parent can track where are them!

GoGetter.my is a marketplace for errands and deliveries. GoGet connects people who are in need of help as the busy people need who can work for them, for example, you can join as GoGetter to help them to delivery to anywhere with anytime! It help the GoGetter to make money by getting the delivery to be done, due their clients' requests only. Please read my mom's post about my sister's experience as GoGetter - link here.

A housewife who is a GoGetter told us that she earned some cash by picking up jobs after sending her kids to school. She just checks the GoGet site for jobs available along her route home and runs the errands. How to be a GoGetter? Sign up with this GoGetter site and get verified first.

Josephine Phang does Feng Shui and Bazi online including a digital magazine. BaziChic gives tips on love, health and wealth and how to enchance it for the better. Check out her digital magazine here.

Emily Cheah, Tarot card reader showed an interesting presentation on "Life is like a Fool's Journey". Do you believe in Tarot cards? For me, I don't know our future life. If we knew our future path, we can avoid the mistake or wrong path? Tarot reading is interesting...

I am okay with this event, Moms4Projects because I experienced be founder of Deaf Boleh and Deafmoolah, working with NGO organizations and companies to get the support and invite the Deafs and hearing society attend my workshops too. I felt that this is very educational workshop to share the information with mothers about how to join as part-time jobs, share their knowledge about  their own business, and the interaction with social entrepreneurship by the startup team and women who started to earn money by themselves.

Moms4Projects also want to connect and share with every women, no matter who are them; single mothers, professional mothers, disability mothers, entrepreneur women, and young ladies too. For me, Moms4Projects really need to improve their projects and give more chance to mothers to let their daughters with them to the workshops, and disability mothers. I felt that Moms4Projects need a team to work on the projects together so, it can become better. They need to focus one - main goal to help the mothers to get the jobs, and encourage mother need to develop the confidence to start a business or plan a workshop to teach moms about how to get find job with using the website Moms4Projects

About Moms4Projects

Moms4Projects is dedicated to mothers who wish to take on short to long term work projects on a freelance basis and work from home. They help to showcase skilled mothers throughout Asia to come together, connect and navigate life as a freelance or working at home mother. Get hired or apply from various projects available and get paid!

Moms4Projects.com acts as resource platform that focuses on:

• Freelance jobs/projects available for mothers.
• Mothers to showcase portfolio for freelancing job.
• Mothers who are looking for side income.
• Deals around Asia for Mothers to take advantage on.

Official Website: http://www.moms4projects.com/
Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moms4projects

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