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Syawal & Fiqa in Pelamin Fantasia @ ASTRO GEMPAK

Not many Deaf and Hearing people know who are Syawal & Fiqa, because they are very mysterious couple! Many people always curious how they can communicate each other and why they want to become couple since they are a hearing guy and deaf lady, can live together to face more challenges in their life? Normally, Deaf people felt better to marry with Deaf, because it help them to communicate each other so very easy. It's not easy for a hearing person can give the value life & commitment to the disability person when they fell love on the disability person.

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Nowadays, there are few Deaf person can get hearing husband or wife, as they success go through their challenges life. Then Syawal & Fiqa can do it too!

Last week, Pelamin Fantasia gave the assignment to produce its own pre - wedding video, and will see who couple have to caught the attention of the audience. Wow, Syawal & Fiqa's pre-marriage video success to attract more over 33,000 views in Malaysia!

This week, Pelamin Fantasia's SemiFinal round will get 3 couples; Shawal & fiqa , Hillas & Asmidar and Fadly & Diana! We will see which is one best couple will be FINAL winner? Who are winning a very big prize, wedding sponsorship package, woth RM 100,000?

Hope Syawal & Fiqa get to win this prize because it is very meaningful love for them! Please vote to support them so much!

Please don't miss to watch the ASTRO - Pelamin Fantasia on every Saturday and Sunday , 9 pm exclusively on Astro Ria ( 104 ) and Virtual HD ( 135 ).

Source by GEMPAK website

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