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Cats learn Sign Language! Your pet, Cat or Dog can too!

Kim Silva retired from teaching at the American School for the Deaf, she decided to start teaching sign language to her cats. She misses to teach so, she fell love on a deaf cat named Bambi, then adopts Bambi! She teaches Bambi and other cats via sign language!

Mostly, I always heard that the Deaf owners adopted Deaf dogs then, the dogs can learn the sign language too! Why not try to teach cats too? Try it out! The cats and dogs are very clever when they tried to interactive with you, right?

This is Bambi, Deaf cat
Source by Sign Language with Cats, Huffingtonpost.com

I am cat and dog lovers! I also want to teach my pet, Miu Miu, with my sign language but I am sad because Miu Miu is naughty and also ignored my signs! She attracted to my youngest sister who is her mother! Sometimes she jump to my bed when I signed, "Come, come" and "Sleep" with me, especially the nights only. Haha.

 "Don't take my bolster! I wan zzz!" says Miu Miu

Miu Miu always to try meow meow with me when she want to get my attention so much! And she always wake up on me but, she slaps on my face or lick on my nose too, so she knew me never heard her meow so funny!

Sign Language: Cat
Source image by http://www.thewestcoastreader.com/baby-sign-language/

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