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Get to Read the Finding Zoe Book by Brandi Rarus, Deaf Author!

Many Deaf / Hearing people around the world, sure surprised about Brandi, first time author is Deaf who write the novel titled "Finding Zoe"! Great! Press media also want to interview with her, the Deaf schools also invited her to give speech of inspiration to Deaf students! So, Brandi is good role model for you and everyone who encouraged to believe, "You can do it, you will be success when you never give up!" "Do not think your disability make you go down! You always be special in our eyes!" Read the info of  "Finding Zoe" below;

"In Finding Zoe, Brandi Rarus shares the story of her very personal path of self-discovery and the struggle of being caught between two worlds—the hearing and the Deaf. We travel with her through her mainstreamed younger years and later on to college at The National Technical Institute for the Deaf where she embraces Deaf culture and realizes that being Deaf is not a handicap, but a passport to a whole new and exciting world.

Brandi brings us behind the scenes as she takes on the world advocating for her Deaf Community as Miss Deaf America; meeting and falling in love with Tim, a Gallaudet University student leader who later helped write the landmark Americans with Disability Act on Capitol Hill. The two married and had three hearing boys—the first non-deaf children born in Tim’s family in 125 years, but with all their blessings something was still missing.

With a powerful foreword provided by Marlee Matlin, an Academy Award-winning actress and member of the National Association of the Deaf, Finding Zoe is an inspiring recollection of how two individuals who, already bonded by their diversity, come together as an unbreakable mother-daughter pair to navigate a silent world and shed light the adoption/foster care system." ....

Please watch this youtube below;

Find out about Brandi's latest book is the biography/autobiography/personal memoir, Finding Zoe: A Deaf Woman’s Story of Identity, Love, and Adoption - Visit Brandi Rarus’ website.


It is very inspiration book will touch your emotion when you read this, through you are through your own journey and experience since you are born as Deaf or living with your Deaf parent or take care of Deaf children so you will know it's very heartwarming story!

You sure face many challenges in your life since you born as Deaf? Do you think that you will be given up by your own parent? Oh no, every parent sure love every children, they tried to struggle their hardship life to raise the children so well. It make everyone find out about the truth to seek answer - why? This is what parent make them to get a comfortable home so they can live so happily.

If you cannot/ fail to get your own daughter or son, why not try to adopt the children as your own? It's good experience to try your best when you take care of your own children, ya! :) Deaf parent can do it too! Brandi can do too!

Deaf Nation; Joel Barish also interviewed with Brandi Rarus, Deaf author of "Finding Zoe", please watch Deaf Nation's video - here 

If you interested in reading "Finding Zoe" book, you can buy at Malaysia's Kinokuniya; https://malaysia.kinokuniya.com/bw/9781940363226 (It priced at RM70.69, if you order online, it's RM78.54)

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