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Deaf Boleh! Malaysia - TOP 10 in the DiGi WWWOW Awards for Internet, Malaysia!

Yahoo! I surprised to receive this email from DiGi WWWOW Awards for Internet! I was very excited, but I am always be BIG smile alot!

You wonder about what it is DiGi WWWOW Awards for Internet? DiGi are a collective of individuals and organisations who work, live and breathe Internet! DiGi WWWOW Awards' objective is to recognise people like YOU – the ones who are idea generators for Internet greatness, filling the web with high-potential business ventures, powerful people-centric content, community-based creativity and much more BIG stuff!

Last 2 years ago, I failed to get it, but I am very patient and always believe in myself about I could to be the DiGi winner one day! Finally, I am really never expected it! First time, I get in the final of DiGi WWWOW Awards! It's not easy to get in because there are still many bloggers and companies always want this too!

I surprised you all keep to vote me for Deaf Boleh! Malaysia on everytime! I am really touched! I am really thank to you all readers and supporters, especially my family who always be with me to keep to be continue until my goal be top of DiGi WWWOW Awards so, my dream become TRUE!

Wait! Not yet to decide who will be FINAL winner for the Grand Final, DiGi WWWOW Awards on 20 June 2014 (Friday)!

Please support to me for my final presentation for the DiGi WWWOW Awards on 2 June, 2014, Wednesday! I am very anxious and must keep myself to be courage to present in front of the judges!

 Do you like my blog? Yes! Please vote my blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia @ DiGiWWWOW Awards competition too! Thank you very much! Vote me on everyday, ya!


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