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Emerging from the Silence, Deaf Developement Programme Cambodia

When I watched this video youtube titled, "Emerging from the Silence" - DDP Cambodia, I still remember about my family and I were on tour guide to visit the Arts Culture shop with NGO organization. A tour guider bring us to visit the Deaf Cambodia workers who work on the art and painting. I surprised that they are young, just like me was university student. They keep to ask me about school and university, because they interested to know what or how about my Deaf culture and education in my country, Malaysia.

Rev. Charles Dittmeier, left, takes part in a staff meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in July 2013 at Maryknoll Deaf Development Program.(Credit by Photo: Joe Garrison, Garrison Photographic)
I learned from Deaf Cambodia's history, Before 1997, Cambodia don't have sign language because there were no schools and organization for deaf people in Cambodia. Mostly, the Deaf Cambodia people used their home sign only... They never meet other Deaf people and never communicate with friends and family, so it is difficult for their parent because their parent don't have education and don't know anything about Deaf awareness in Cambodia.

The society don't understand deafness, so Deaf Developement Programme (DDP)'s staffs have to spread the Deaf awareness and teach the important education for Deaf to each village in Cambodia. The staffs found out about Deaf adult and children never go to school, so DDP decided to teach the adults and children to learn the sign language. After 2 years, the Deaf adults also given the job training, in order to help them to get more experience and become self-independent.

Please watch this youtube below;

Deaf Development Programme Cambodia's mission is to empower deaf people to develop their education, language, employment and community, and to raise awareness and understanding of deafness, deaf people and their culture within Cambodian society.

Wandering Cameras takes a look at what their operation has achieved and what they strive to do in the future. Being deaf in Cambodia is very difficult. Without programs like DDP, these people would remain isolated in their communities, unable to communicate with the world around them. DDP aims to change that.

If you interested to donate to DDP Cambodia to improve their education, and service programmes, please get the details to contact them, below:

Head office: #7A  Street 101, Boeung Trabek, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Telephone: 855 (23) 987-931 / 855 (17) 993-321
Fax: 855 (23) 211-731
Email: info@ddp-cambodia.org

The Deaf Development Programme has a number of projects and services:
Basic Education Project, Job Training Project, Deaf Community Development Project, Cambodian Sign Language Project, Sign Language Interpreting Project, Social Services Project, Agriculture Program, Sign Language Unification Committee

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