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Deaf Success Stories: Lim Anuar, Deaf Artist

*Source image by DeafNation

Lim Anuar is known as Deaf Batik Artist in Deaf community Malaysia. Many Deaf people are happy to see him to show his amazing batik painting with his skill. He really wish that more Deaf people take step to take the success in the Art & Painitng, like him. 

He made a video to get help from Deaf Nation, and he tell everyone about what is about the Art Basel Week in Miami, and he will go there soon. We are appericate and encourage him go to take in this event because he was very excited that his batik painting get to be selected by the National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia.

Lim Anuar is humbled and excited to exhibit for the first time in the United States during Art Basel Week in Miami, December 4th through 8th. Join us in the Miami Wynwood Art District for this first ever event. Who will/want to go to visit him, Don't miss out! :)

"Arts KUALA LUMPUR-Miami, the inaugural event coinciding with Art Week Miami, December 4th through 8th, has released its lineup of the best emerging, mid-career and established Malaysian artists. Amongst other satellite fairs such as Design Miami, Scope and Art Asia and many more, the Arts KUALA LUMPUR-Miami stands out as the one the first stand-alone exhibitions during Art Week Miami, with its own venue located in the Wynwood Art District, endorsed and organized by the government of the representative country...." Read more at http://www.1888pressrelease.com/arts-kuala-lumpur-miami-interconnects-culture-with-art-at-ar-pr-501679.html

If there is any need to contact him, please contact him: http://www.limanuar.my/

And the interesting story af interview, please read his story which featured in the ART MIisfits at http://artmisfits.com/tag/lim-anuar/ 

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