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Microsoft Research: Kinect Sign Language Translator for Deaf Community

I accessed the youtube website to find more information about Deaf Community. I figured out that Microsoft Research did the interesting project, "Kinect Sign Language Translator". Microsoft Research Asia, had a good working relationship with the Chinese Academy of Sciences since they are the collaborative team. This project gained more attention from the researchers around the world and the deaf community, as it help to encourage the deaf community get better life and job if they used this features by Microsoft? :)

According to Microsoft Research Asia blog, there are more than 20 million people in China who are hard of hearing, and an estimated 360 million such people around the world, so this project has immense potential to generate positive social impact worldwide. It make me surisped that the deaf population in China are bigger than our country's population! That is why they continue to do this project? Please read the Microsoft Research Asia blog to get more information.

If you imagined when you are in the hospital or kiosk or classroom, what you feel?  Please watch this youtube below; 

What are you thinking of this project? It is very good way to open new door of communication between the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing world? Please drop a comment here, ya! :)

Source by Microsoft Research Asia

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