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SaveME 999 helps the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to call for HELP!

SaveME 999 is an application that developed for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) who have the smart phones to Malaysia Emergency Call Centre in our country, it helped the PWDs to contact the Emergency Call Center when they pressed a button on this application, to report the incident only!

For more information, please visit the official website, SaveME 999.

If you interested, please download the "SaveME 999" app for your smartphones below;
It is very easy-use this application for the disability people if they get to witness the robbery, or fire case. Their relatives or friends trapped in the worst situation, they can report to the police!

I felt this app no need the voice, and just take photo or type the message, then send SMS to them! How? See the chart below;

They will come to get you once you send the emergency SMS, it is good for you! It is mostly used for the disability community, included everyone, can. But, the disability people really need the smartphone to use this application? They can afford to buy new smartphone to use it? We will see how first if the disability people can get it works or not?

If you want to be safe or avoid the bad situation when you face the danger, such as you will be snatch victim, or kidnapped by the unknown person, or bad person who stalk you? You better to use "MyDistress" app by the PDRM. Check out on my previous post about "MyDistress"!

Source info: SaveME 999 website

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