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DEAF MAGAZINE illuminates Sign Language

Wow! I attracted to DEAF MAGAZINE @ Morphoria, Behance! This is a very good idea to help the Deaf people can read the magazine with the application on the smartphone or tablet? You will understand what are the Deaf culture @ Germany and improve how to bridge between the hearing and deaf people to increase their own awareness each other? Better watch the video below!


The DEAF MAGAZINE communicates in both of these languages.
It is a life-style and society magazine about the culture of german sign language. Through the use of mixed media and augmented reality technology, it links the written language directly with the german sign language and makes it easier to his readers to affiliate information and allows to a better understanding of the written language. It also opens up even hearing readers, access to the german deaf culture.

The DEAF MAGAZINE constitutes, articles about events and trends of the culture of german sign language, special personalities, news and opinions to the accessibility in Germany and trips to the deaf culture of other countries.

Source web by PSFK @ Deaf Magazine

For me, I love to see how its work! Maybe in the future, the young generation will get chance to read the moving photos in the magazine, just like Harry Potter?  What are you thinking of this technology of magazine? :)

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