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Deafmoolah Smart Financial and Career Fair for 2013 @ Sunway College, Petaling Jaya on 6 and 7 July 2013

 L-R: James Chua (Co-founder), Daphne Mei (ex-Co-founder), Ms Carol (Advisor), Selina Ooi (Co-founder)

Deafmoolah Financial and Career Fair 2013 will be a unique event for People with Disabilities (PWDs/OKU) to meet and associate with business communities/public - sharing of ideas around the theme "Bringing OKU and Business Community Together". This is a community project initiated by Deafmoolah with the aim to promote Financial Literacy and Career Opportunities for PWDs/OKU.

As Deafmoolah Co-Founder, I am Selina Ooi, very happy to see some Deaf and OKU people who visited our Fair for 2 days! There are more than 200 people who come to enjoy our Fair, and they want to learn more about the Financial and Career Education via the workshops!

We also bring more than 20 companies to set up their booth at Sunway College. We really never think the space of booths are FULL! They are happy to get some customers who interested in them at their booth!

The Deaf, OKU and hearing companies enjoyed to listen the MUSIC @ DeafBeat, Brian Yam with his autism students, and Blind band performance. But, it make us to surprise about many Deafs attracted to the investment, bank, career, internet millionaires workshops! There are 6 Deaf and Hearing photographers who took part in the photographer competition that won the cash prizes and T-shirts too! Great!

If you want to see more photos since you missed the Deafmoolah Smart Financial and Career Fair, please visit the gallery @ Deafmoolah Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Deafmoolah

The Deaf and OKU people who enjoyed to get free lucky draw and hampers. Thanks to Selina Ooi, Deafmoolah co-founder who sponsor her lucky draw gifts and two hampers worth RM 200! Thank you to Worthybook and Swimin 12's sponsorship for the lucky draw winners!

With the help of interpreters, they always give their best to serve us and Deaf visitors who need their interpreting services!

Deafmoolah also want to thank our supporters and sponsors too!

For more details, please visit the Deafmoolah's official website:

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