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GE13: How to check Your Voting Location

The 13th General Election will set up to start on 5 May 2013 as everyone will vote!

For the Disability People (PWDs/ OKU (Orang Upaya Kurang),

If you go to wrong location, then your vote will be consider as invalid. So, you should check through online web portal checking or by sms.

Get to know your polling location.

Check web SPR
1. Go to http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/
2. Just put your IC number

Check Voting location via SMS

1. Write a message (SMS) on your smartphone
2. SPR <space> SEMAK <space> No.IC and send to 15888


When the Polling day (5 May),
you must REMEMBER to bring your identity card (IC) and OKU card.

Finally, we are happy! No need to wait for long time! :D You must think so wisely, when you make a choice to vote for your country! ;)

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  1. Nice post. Keep sharing such this kinds of post here and aware us from it. Keep it up.


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