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Vibrating Tattoo when a Deaf person get the text-messaging (SMS)

First time, I heard about new tattoo can vibrate you when I  read the article from Masbhable! I imagined if Deaf person get a tattoo then, he/she can feel the vibration when a SMS reach to your smartphone then it can vibrate your tattoo on your arm?
Nokia has filed a patent for a tattoo that would be able to receive magnetic waves from a phone and send a vibration to the user's skin to indicate an incoming call. The tattoo inks contain ferromagnetic ink, which is ink with iron or iron oxide. Like ringtones, users can customize the magnetic waves for different people and to distinguish between phone calls and texts. Users are also able to choose the image and location of the tattoo. Sources: Unwired View, Orlando Sentinel

It shows a small, square piece of fabric that could be attached to your fingernail, abdominal area, or forearm as you like. The device would pair with your mobile phone, and when a call comes in would vibrate where it’s attached, much like your smartphone vibrate you.

But, the smartphone already have the vibration features. Normally, Deaf people always bring their smartphones as their daily lives because they needed it if there are anything happen to them. I don't know about how a tattoo can be turn off the vibration if the Deaf people don't like the vibration that disturb them when they are bathing or sleeping or take nap or focus to do work?

Sometimes, their skin be allergic or get sick or pain if they have their own tattoo? How? It's not good to let the kid get new tattoo! Haha...I am sure that many Deaf people think and also discuss alot of issues bring the health, risk of engnieering, and many...

Source by Masbhable: The Vibrating Tattoo

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