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US Comic: That Deaf Guy by Matt and Kay Daigle

First time, I read Matt's comic, "That Deaf Guy"! This is a very great comedy story about a deaf man who, like Matt, has a hearing wife and son! They created some comic strip about their own experience of life on everyday, related to understand the deaf culture, such as, how a Deaf and Hearing enjoy to spend time with family together, or how the hearing can communicate with a Deaf person and many. It make the Hearing people who curious about how Deaf and Hearing people can stay together!

He really love to draw the comic when he is kid. He always practice to do what he loves until he get to become a popular cartoonist in Deaf community! We also hope that he keep to draw the comic for the Deaf and Hearing people who love it! :D

My friends and I also talked about it, reach the Deaf community in Malaysia! So, Deaf Malaysians love to read "That Deaf Guy" comic on everyday!

My favourite comics below;

Enjoy to read the comic online at http://www.thatdeafguy.com/
Like on "That Deaf guy Comic" - https://www.facebook.com/thatdeafguycomic
Learn more about http://www.mattdaigle.com/

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