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4 Top Video Chat with Messenger for Deaf Malaysians

 Last time, I put a poll question for Deaf Boleh! group on Facebook, and want to know what are they using PC or laptop to chat via sign language in their life?

Deaf people excited to use the sign language with their friends and family via the webcam when they may be at work, out somewhere away from home, or traveling or in the meeting. The Hearing friends also can try to use the sign language when they chat with new Deaf friend!
*Sorry, I cannot show the faces on the polls because Deaf Boleh! Malaysia protected their privacy.
But, sometimes webcam got the problems like hang up, screen are blur or have slow connection...Many Deaf people used the chatroom via the messenger chat than using the webcam. It's depend on their preferance to using the video chat or message chat with the messenger.

There are 4 top of video chat messager which Deaf Malaysians prefer to use in their home or workplace.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the popular FREE PC-to-PC calls service, but you can do more with Skype. It can make and receive voice/video calls and instant messages to anyone else using Skype, whether on a Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Mac, or PC. It also have the SMS feature too. I still used my Skype to chat with my colleagues at the workplace and video chat with my sister from far place. Why? It is very good to let 2-5 people, included me in a group chat message which I managed so easier. I think that the Skype's video chat and sound quality are very clear at same time!

2. Windows Live Messenger (MSN Hotmail Messenger)
Last time, Deaf friends used MSN Hotmail Messenger already before Skype introduced to us... It also have many features, such as emoticons, themes, file sharing, voice and video chat, and much more. The video chat's quailty are fine when they chat each other, but sometimes, it is blur, or hang out because the connecting the internet needed. Normally, we called "MSN" in finger spelling so easily. Now, "MSN Hotmail Messenger" changed to "Windows Live Messenger". It can allow you chat with your friends as a group via messenger using Windows Live Messenger so easily when you access the messenger chat online at your laptop or PC. I also used this messenger to chat with my colleagues for my workplace only.

3. Camfrog Video Chat

Camfrog is live streaming webcam video chat rooms. I heard that many Deaf people used the Camforg. It allowed they can do a chat room for Deaf group enjoy to sign language via webcam. Some Deaf Malaysians used it because they want to chat with their deaf friend from oversea. As Camfrog became popular with the deaf friends all around the world! If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can try Camfrog app in the iTunes Apple.

4. Oovoo

Oovoo let you to interact with their readers using webcams, text and voice chat. So, it help Deaf people can access the Internet to communicate with using their webcam or mobile phone. It can record then upload the clips into the Youtube. For a friend who don't have Oovoo, you can video call with the Oovoo web browser online on your PC or laptop without installing Oovoo. It also available for Android -Google Play and iTunes Apple.

If you want to try one, you can go download FREE from their official websites.If you have any software, related to the video chat which you like to recommend to us, we will try new. :D

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