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LightOn - Alerting Device by DreamZon

Wow, Many Deaf Malaysians attracted to this alerting device, LightOn!! My Deaf friends keep to share the youtube link around Facebook already! If we get it, so this make us easier!

I like Integrating with Bed Shaker and Integrating with Flasher! If I have Bed Shaker, it can help me to wake up so early! Hehe. I think this idea is very good and looks as simple. It is useful for Deaf people.

"LightOn is an innovative solution specifically developed for the deaf and hard of hearing. It immediately alerts users when a call or SMS is received on their mobile phones.

As soon as a new voice/video call or SMS comes in, a bright LED light is triggered, which continues to flash until the user notices the missed call and resets the unit. LightOn is designed to work as a standalone device, and can also be connected to external triggering and wireless signaling systems, thus enabling better communications and improving day-to-day quality of life." - Source by Dreamzon

LightOn currently supports connectivity to market-leading wireless signaling systems. Check out http://www.dreamzon.com and http://www.facebook.com/dreamzon

LightOn technology is a special vibration sensors that are responsive only to the vibrations produced by mobile phones. For example, an SMS or voice call or video call is received, or the call rings, LightOn will active and respond to the vibration signals into a brightly flashing LED light that alert you when you get a new message or missed call.

If you interested to buy, please visit their shop at http://www.dreamzon.com/?m_id=7

• Priced at $79.95 USD,  for Malaysia, price around RM 250.00
• Portable and easy to operate
• No plugs or installation (powered by 3 AA 1.5v batteries)
• Compatible with all mobile phones with vibrating mode
• Can also connect to external triggering and wireless signaling systems
• 1 year warranty. 
• Color: White or Black
• Free Shiping

Great! Thumb up to DreamZon!


  1. Anonymous5:47 AM

    LightOn only provides a 3.5mm socket for new alerting devices using this connection. It will not work with deaf alerting devices using a telephone plug for many years. To date, there are no adapters from a telephone socket to a 3.5mm Jack, though there are numerous 3.5mm socket to a telephone plug adapters. I am still waiting for a word from DreamZon on this adapter subject to date.

    Plato (Laurence Plate)


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