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"The Hammer based on the life of Matt Hamill" Movie

Inspired by the life of deaf UFC fighter, Matt Hamill. "The Hammer" tells the story of what it takes to be a champion."The Hammer" is a coming of age drama depicting the struggles and successes of what it takes to become a champion. Raised among those with the ability to hear, Matt later finds himself no less an outsider amidst the Deaf Community. But through sheer determination, he uses his 'perceived' disability as an asset, and becomes not only the first deaf wrestler to win a National Collegiate Championship, but an inspirational force to both hearing and deaf alike.

Source from Purple Communication website

More info about "The Hammer": http://www.TheHammerFilm.com
"The Hammer" theaters/dates/times: http://thehammerpremiere.com/

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This heart warming movie experience sure will win your heart when you feel touched when you watch this movie! That is why this movie won the awards! It is about the real life story of Matt Hamill will make everyone shocked about him because Matt Hamill who struggled every step of the way to become the first Deaf wrestler to win a National Collegiate Championship!

We, Deafs want to watch this movie! We don't know our cinema Malaysia can have the "Hammer based on the life of Matt Hamill" movie or not if it will coming soon on 27 October 2011?

Thanks to Connecting Deaf Malaysians


  1. how i can download this movie? thanks. ^_^

  2. Hai Redha. Oh, this movie not yet coming out on next 27 October. See this official website at http://www.thehammerpremiere.com/

    After 27 October, we will see how 1st if we can get DVD movie or not.


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