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Youtube: Business as Usual - Toilet Texting

I found this video is very funny from Youtube! It reminded me about me getting the message SMS from my bosses when I am not in office! Haha. I always send my work to my boss when I done my job, due deadline. Sometimes, it's urgent then, my boss or colleagues sure sms me only.  I never do it in toilet lar. lol

I think that Lance Picket did good job to make a funny video! Enjoy to watch this video below;

Business as Usual - Toilet texting
"We've all done it but rarely realize the risks we're taking when handling business related text messages. Watch how Joel attempts to evade his boss while taking care of business (so to speak)" - Written and Directed by Lance Pickett.

Do you get to SMS your friend or colleague when you are in the Toilet? :D

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