Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category
Thank you to DIGIWWWOW Awards! Next year I will try it again ya!

Deaf Malaysian winners make a honor for the Deaf Malaysia! 8th International Abilympics Seoul 2011

Few Deaf Malaysians went to the South Korea and participate in the competition, such as word processing, creating web design, silk painting, poster design, and many... Not them only, the Disability Malaysian also involved too.Good luck for the Malaysia participants of 8th International Abilympics 2011 in Seoul, South Korea!

About 8th International Abilympics Seoul 2011
The first International Abilympics was held to celebrate 'The United Nations International Year of Disabled Persons' in the South Korea on first time! They help to improve vocational skills, boost motivation to participate in socio-economic activities, and to promote stability by accelerating the employment rate of persons with disabilities. It give the chance to the Disability person who can work with their skills.
"Abilympics" is the combined word of "Ability" and "Olympics". It is used as the name of the skills competition for persons with disabilities. International Abilympics can happen on every 4 years only. Please visit the official website at http://www.ia2011.org/english/enIndex.do

Good news! Lim Anuar make proud for our country, Malaysia and Deaf Community too! Congratulation to Deaf Malaysia winners!
  • Lim Anuar won the gold medal - V26 Silk Painting
  • Sumitha a / p Ramasamy won a Special Prize - V9 Word Processing
  • Ismail Bin Rakib won a Special Prize - V38 Painting 
Also other Deaf Malaysia participants not  get win but, they really do good job to complete their work in the competition! Great job, Deaf Malaysia participants!

Lim Anuar
Lim Anuar won the bronze on three times since he was in the International Abilympics of paintings in Perth, Australia -1995, New Delhi, India - 2003 & Shizuoka, Japan - 2007. He is never give up and love to paint the Batik on everytime! Finally, his dream become true when he won a GOLD in 8th International Abilympics Seoul 2011!

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Deaf Boleh! Malaysia also carry their freedom to bring our voice and awarnesse to Deaf Community Malaysia too. With the spirit of "Boleh", Deaf Boleh! Malaysia always spread our idea to everyone, make Deaf Malaysian be inspired by Deaf role models who are successful and share our thought, voice, and opinion with everyone!
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