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Deaf In Business: Kona Coffee Cafe are looking for Deaf Barista - Article Contributed by Dr Allen Teh

Dr Allen and his team in Deaf In Business (DIB) project to  focus on their plan and research about this business and employment for Deaf Malaysia. From start, they are working the project - DIB Kona Coffee Cafe to let the Deaf can manage the business Coffee by themselves. So, the DIB Kona Coffee will be coming soon!

They are now hiring deaf personnel who will be trained to become professional Barista, and ONLY 10 vacancies.

Vacancy for DIB Cafe: Barista
This job contributes to DIB CAFÉ success by ensuring their WOW! service standards and store standards are met. They do this by providing customers with prompt service, quality beverages and products. At DIB, they provide exciting, friendly, fun and clean atmosphere.

The Job and Key Responsibilities
  • Develops enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.
  • Provides quality beverages consistently for all customers
  • Maintains Quality store operations
  • Contributes to store’s business and profitability
  • Takes responsibility to learn all aspects of the barista position
The Ideal Person for the Job
1. You should be a person who can “SMILE” and likes to meet people
2. You should be a person who wants to succeed in life and to have a secure future with good income
3. You should have a very positive attitude, a high-energy person and willing to work hard to learn the
skills of a Barista
4. If you have some work experience especially in the restaurant or café business, it will be good

This job "Deaf Barista" is open to all races - Deaf Malaysian.. Please email Dr Allen Teh  at

Contributed by Dr Allen Teh to publish in my blog.

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