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Thank you to 1st Miss Deaf Malaysia and President of MDM!

It is with great pleasure as I announced that Miss Deaf Malaysia always work hard, tried all best in bravely and high spirit heart while she represented our country to Miss Deaf International 2011. First time she got to experience and learned alot of things with the guide of President of Miss Deaf Malaysia (MDM). We Malaysians keep to support Miss Deaf Malaysia and her President until now!

Since I informed the news to Deaf friends in Facebook, many Deaf friends are very happy and screamed about 1st Miss Deaf Malaysia was one of 10 finalists when I met Deaf friends!! Many Deaf married and ladies asked me about Miss Deaf Malaysia alot! Wow. Many Deaf people woke up then, watched TV Live in the morning so early at 8am! As the results, they sure interested in our Miss Deaf Malaysia 2011!   

We helped President to inform all Deaf people in Malaysia about the news of Miss Deaf Malaysia. And we always showed them that Miss Deaf International's photos in Facebook.

Thank you very much, President and 1st Miss Deaf Malaysia 2011!

President's message:
"We are very apologize to make your disappointment that we didn't have bring our victory winning as Miss Deaf Asia or Miss Deaf International finalist although she has selected in 10 pageants in finalist. Hopefully you still support her always. We will arrive in KL tomorrow morning. Thank you for your supporting and listening my status in Facebook!"

July 17:
MDI winner is Miss Deaf Jamacia
1st runner up is Miss Deaf Brazil
2nd runner up is Miss Deaf Fance
3rd runner up is Miss Deaf Korea

Miss Deaf Euro - Miss Deaf Germany
Miss Deaf Africa - Miss Deaf South Africa
Miss Deaf Asia - Miss Deaf Mongolia
Miss Deaf Latin America - Miss Deaf Jamaica

Miss Deaf Malaysia was selected as one of 10 pageants before the finalist! We Malaysians be proud with Miss Deaf Malaysia!

July 16:
Fashion Show was so great! Miss Deaf Malaysia look beautiful when walking with wearing gown. It made me touch and proud of Malaysia. She will be interviewed tomorrow too. Culture performance will be held tonight. Support her!

Miss Deaf International Final will be held tonight (Sunday morning in Malaysia). Got titles as Miss Deaf Asia, Miss Deaf Euro, Miss Deaf Africa and Miss Deaf Latin America. In also, select 10 finalist and then select 5 finalist after judging. Will become Miss Deaf International 2011 tonight! Watch the Fashion News Live at http://fashionnewslive.com/live

July 15:
Miss Deaf Malaysia is busy practicing for her performance, interview and catwalk today. Fashion Show will be held tonight and waiting for many guests! Support Winnie Gubud!

July 10:
Miss Deaf Malaysia and President of MDM arrived in Orlando safety after 22 hours. Will updated any news in Facebook soon. Thank you for your supporting.

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