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A song "For The Kids" from John Rich, Marlee Matlin and New York State School for the Deaf!

(Image Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC)
I am inspired by Marlee and the students of New York State School for the Deaf's sign language. John Rich also is very good at singing too! I think that their sign language really give the meaningful  to everyone.

Awesome job for the Deaf students! Marlee Matlin also take part in the Celebrity Apprentice Season. She don't let herself give up and keep to reach at the Finale so successfully! This can break the barrier between communication between Deaf and Hearing world!

John Rich & Marlee Matlin - For The Kids

Here's the video of "For the Kids" from Celebrity Apprentice finale, featuring John Rich on guitar and Marlee and the kids from the New York State School for the Deaf signing. Download the song from iTunes (make sure it's the ACOUSTIC version). Proceeds from the download will benefit Starkey Hearing Foundation and St Jude's Medical Research Center for Children. [Source from Marlee Matlin Official on Facebook]

We also love to use the sign language when we are singing! It make you very enjoy and happy when you use the sign language, right? So, the sign language are unique!


  1. wow...that...can deaf malaysia singing?

  2. Yeah, Deaf Malaysian can sing... Since we are kid in Deaf primary school, we can sing "Negaraku" in sign language.


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