Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category
Thank you to DIGIWWWOW Awards! Next year I will try it again ya!

Alert! Facebook can show your phonebook! Change your private account now!

Do you know Facebook get new features like can display the phonebook at your account Facebook? The “Facebook phonebook” is a feature that enables you to easily keep track of your friends’ phone numbers.

You try to login in your account Facebook. You click on your own profile. You can check your friends if you can view their number mobile phone! See your friends' list at http://www.facebook.com/friends/edit/?sk=phonebook if you get to see your own phone number.

It is not good for everyone because it is dangerous and you should not let someone not know or your friend your mobile phone after you accept request from your friends! Maybe the stalker like to disturb you in SMS or call you!

Go change your setting profile and remove your phone if you not feel comfortable when everyone can see your privacy. Remove your phone number at http://www.facebook.com/contact_importer/remove_uploads.php?r=/phonebook
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Deaf Boleh! Malaysia also carry their freedom to bring our voice and awarnesse to Deaf Community Malaysia too. With the spirit of "Boleh", Deaf Boleh! Malaysia always spread our idea to everyone, make Deaf Malaysian be inspired by Deaf role models who are successful and share our thought, voice, and opinion with everyone!
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