Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia become top 10 finalist of Community Category
Thank you to DIGIWWWOW Awards! Next year I will try it again ya!

Deaf Drama [Singapore]: The Little Nyonya

The story spans over 70 years, from the 1930s till the present day. Huang Juxiang is born into a large Peranakan family where her mother is a mistress. She is gentle, beautiful and a fantastic cook. Due to a serious illness when she was 9 years old, Juxiang becomes a deaf-mute. Because of her handicap, she is ostracized by people. Right before the Japanese Occupation in Singapore, she is forced to marry Charlie Zhang, a rich Peranakan, and become his mistress. Juxiang resists the marriage and runs away from home. She then meets Yamamoto Yousuke, a young Japanese photographer, and after overcoming many obstacles, they finally get married and Juxiang gives birth to a daughter Yueniang. During the World War, Juxiang is injured and both she and her husband die, leaving behind their 8-year-old daughter.

For more information, check out the Wiki: The Little Nyonya 

Please visit the official website, Mediacorptv.com

The hit Singaporean drama The Little Nyonya, currently on Ntv7. Since it started airing on the channel on Oct 26, the series has registered high ratings. The first episode itself drew an impressive 570,000 viewers, despite the fact that The Little Nyonya had premiered on Malaysian television on Astro in March.

They are bonded as mother and daughter, having the same belief that they should fight for their own happiness. They have the same kind of courage and fire within them and it was a challenge making this spirit in them manifest in two different ways,” Jeanette Aw says. She is a main character, "Juxiang".

From Simplyjeanette.com

This TV series is produced by MediaCorp and was aired on Ntv7/ASTRO last year, November. There's a total of 34 episodes. So, this is very wonderful drama that I am watched! Wow, Juxiang can read the lips when they want to speak with her... I think that our country, Malaysia don't have the sign language before World War 2? So she used simple/home sign which can be understand so easily.... She is clever because she also read their expression and mind of people... Sometimes, this part which make me sad and laugh, and...nice touching for the ending!

The cast film also took the Penang and Malacca to do the part of scenes! That is why a lot of Singaporean and tourists always come to Malacca and Penang and visit the Baba Nyonya museum or old houses and eat Nyonya kuih. I will check out about the Peranakan Heritage Mansion when I back to Penang because Penang is my parent's hometown! I also attracted to the Peranakan Nyonya! Haha!

My grandmothers also are Nyonya before. I heard from their story, their parents stayed in Malaya before our country become Malaysia so they never go to China. On my mother's side, my grandfather's father also come from China and married with his local wife. Then my grandfather born in Penang... He was marrying with my grandma from family Peranakan. That is why my all members in my mother's family also speak in Hokkien dialect.... My sisters are not very good in Hokkien but, they can speak so well. This is because my parent also used English to communicate with my sisters and me!

My dad's family want to clean the things in my grandma's store. My grandma's store never opened after my parents move out from Penang..? I don't remember how many year already.... @_@ When my youngest sister and dad back to Penang, I don't know what are they doing in Penang...Until my sister and me shocked when we see my youngest sis's photos!!

My cousin, Sylvia Jing is very good at the photography! :P

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