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I got an email from Aqlam Jafri through Yahoo Groups "Deaf Malaysia". This is good news for deaf community!


This is to inform you all that there will be the Concession Fare for
RapidKL Bus Service for OKU beginning 1st Sept 2009 as follow:

1. NEW monthly pass valid for all routes on the Tempatan, Bandar and
Utama services RM50 (restricted to students in uniform, elderly people
60 years and above and the disabled(OKU).

2. RapidKL New Concession Fare Structure (one way):
Tempatan = 50 sen
Bandar = 50 sen
Travel within a zone RM0.50
Across 2 zones RM0.90
Across 3 zones RM1.20
Across 4 zones RM1.50
Ekspress RM1.90

More info, please refer to


From Aqlam


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    So i have to pay for one way, return have to pay, that what RAPIDKL meaning `One Way` ?

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    yes...but if you are taking monthly travel card (mtc konsesi rm50)..whole month trip no limit.

    -rapid fanz-

  3. Does OKU Rapid KL card provide for LRT transportion + Putra and Star?


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