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Scholarships for Deaf Students

BA (Hons) Applied Sign Language Studies

An initiative by:
International Centre for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies, Preston, UK
Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India
Deaf Empowerment Foundation, The Netherlands

Programme information


Applied Sign Language Studies brings together the study of sign language and deaf communities with areas of study in applied linguistics, such as first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, language planning and policy, and language pedagogy. Graduates will work as sign language teachers, professionals in the field of language support for deaf people, teaching assistants in deaf education, and interpreter trainers.

The course is designed specifically to be accessible for deaf students and is taught through sign language. “Learning by doing” is included in work placements, lab work, and experiential modules. Deaf students without standard secondary school qualifications can take a one-year preparatory course (“Foundation Entry”) and continue with the BA course afterwards.

The BA in Applied Sign Language Studies is a joint international initiative. The course was developed at the International Centre for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies in the UK and will be taught at the Indira Gandhi National Open University in New Delhi, India. The beginning of the programme in 2009 is subject to validation.


The Deaf Empowerment Foundation is providing scholarships for deaf students in the preparatory Foundation Entry course in the 2009/2010 academic year.

Scholarships for Indian students
These cover one year of tuition fees at Rs. 10,000 and are available to Indian nationals. Students from other developing countries may also be eligible and should confirm their status when applying.

Scholarships for international students
These cover one year of tuition fees at ₤1,500 and are available to non-Indian students. This includes all students from industrialised countries and certain categories of students from developing countries other than India. The latter should confirm their status when applying.

Scholarships are for tuition fees only and do not cover travel, accommodation or living expenses.

CONTACT: (scholarship@def-intl.org)

About DEF
The Deaf Empowerment Foundation (DEF) was established in December 2004 by a group of deaf and hearing academics in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Our aim is to provide university-level education to the many talented deaf people in developing countries. In partnership with other institutions and organisations, we are establishing educational networks in order to run pre-university preparatory classes, distance education programmess, literacy improvement courses, and ultimately full-fledged tertiary education streams for deaf students. All courses are taught in the sign language medium, and academics associated with DEF conduct research into novel educational approaches based on the use of sign languages in developing countries. DEF also runs an academic publishing press (Ishara Press) specializing in worldwide sign language research and deaf studies.

DEF has been supporting activities in Pakistan, India, Ghana, and Turkey, and we are continuously expanding our international network of activities.

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