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Deaf show they can lion dance too

KUALA LUMPUR: They could not hear the roar of applause but the acrobatic lion dance troupe members were highly gratified to see the crowd on their feet clapping enthusiastically after their performance...See the NST's story here.

This was reward enough for the deaf members of the Jing Ying Wushu and Dragon Lion Dance Troupe who had performed without relying on music to guide them.

“We are happy and proud. All our hard work paid off,” troupe member Sen King Wong said through a sign-language interpreter.

I am very happy when they can dance lion and play drums on their first time! I hope that they still support the deaf societies! But, I am disappointed with the author who write this article because he/she was not aware about deaf community. They must not use a word 'Mute' because it means that deafs are stupid*. That is why we cannot accept a word 'mute'. So, they should use the words; 'hearing imparied' or 'deaf'. They cannot hear but they can speak a little.

I hope that they need to check their articles before it publish in the newspaper..

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