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Wasabi-powered fire alarm

Wasabi-powered fire alarm - best alert for the deaf while in danger!

For those who love Japanese food, you know what is wasabi? :D Wasabi is the must have horseradish to spice up your Japanese dishes. Normally, japanese people love it while they are enjoying the delicious Sushi or Sashimi. Besides adding the pungent sensation to the delicious Japanese food.. I really love to eat sushi but sometimes use Wasabi :P But, I first time to heard about wasabi-powered fire alarm(Japan) that can make the deaf wake up from bed or etc! o_O !! Japanese researchers have come up with the ideal way to wake slumbering homeowners when their house is on fire: Wasabi spray.

has now found itself another new application i.e. to be used as the alerting agent in some new smoke detectors and fire alarms invented by the Japanese.

The new kind of fire alarm or smoke detector is making use of the pungent smell or taste given out by Wasabi to alert the deaf while they’re in danger. The researchers claim that the Wasabi’s pungent perfume is so strong that it can even wake up the dead... :P

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And see the TV news; Wasabi-powered fire alarm: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e35_1204620025

The idea is that a wasabi-alarm will work for the deaf, although they could just end up dreaming of sushi. :P

What you think of this product - wasabi? :P

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