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As designer, you should start your Portfolio now

-Most design students start to put their portfolios together before you study in your final semester. hen you're ready to "collect your portfolio works," you should find which is your best favourite work or can take photos of the finished design before you submit your work to your lecturers.. You can label your work. For example, you make the categories can be project title, description paragraph, 3D modelling, process photos, illustration, etc.

-If you want to create your own porfolio, you have to put your url into your resume and cover letter. It is better and let them easy to see what work you did in your website porfolio..

Finally, you can save some design works into a CD after you collect some..it is easy. And you must bring the real works or a CD / USB pendrive to the company when you got interview..

Why you need a porfolio? Because the interviewers will be much more impressed while you will show the collection of works and easy to explain how/what you can do with your project university/college..

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