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Thanks for caring for the disabled

I REFER to your report, Some exemption must be given to disabled (The Star, Aug 9), concerning Deaf girl all set to graduate (The Star, Aug 2).

I am glad that there are people who are sympathetic and care enough for the disabled.

The disabled are a minority in society and they have to struggle doubly hard to survive in this world built and governed by non-disabled society.

There are many categories of disability or handicap. Some are the very obvious where at one glance we can see and know that they are disabled, for examples the ones on wheelchairs or the blind.

But for some others such as the deaf, they look perfectly normal physically.

Whichever it is, I hope that more of us are able to be more caring and give some kind of consideration to lessen their hardship in life.

Awareness is the first step towards helping the disabled. Respect and acceptance from society is also important. I have seen some people looking at some disabled with disapproval and disgust.

At one packed event where a lot of women were queuing up in the women's toilet, a wheel-chaired person came along but none of them gave way to her to use the toilet allocated for the handicapped.

Instead they let her queue behind them!

The same goes for the parking lot allocated for the disabled. Are the cars parked there are all from genuine disabled people?

Caring attitude towards all mankind builds a harmonious society. I am glad there are many helpful people around in this materialistic society.

As Selina Ooi's mother, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to The Star for highlighting her case, and to all those involved in helping her take the less travelled path to be able to complete her degree and graduate.

Kuala Lumpur.

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