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Google Gesture - Wristbands Translate Sign Language Into Speech

Info: A new Google app promises to translate sign language in real time. No release date has been set yet, but Google Gesture is being developed at Sweden's Berghs School of Communication. The effort has already attracted the attention of the tech community by winning an award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Here, a vimeo demo about a student wears the waistbands on her arm which picks up muscle movements and interpreted by the app, which turns them into audible words.

Google Gesture from Berghs School of Communication on Vimeo.

I surprised the Google did the research about how the gestures can translate to the voice. It can detect the sign language while we used our hands? First, they explained that how we did research on the sign language to understand the Deaf Community. Then they did the demonstration to make us to understand about how it works...She wears the wristband to use the sign language to translate into the speech, so you know that the electronic wristbands that measure the wearer's muscle activity, recognizing sign language symbols and speaking them through an Android device!

Imagined if your friend, who is Hearing to hear the speech translated via Google Gesture app in her/ his smartphone while a Deaf person uses the sign language with used the wristbands. So, we felt the Deaf people must to wear the wristbands as they are cool?

That is why Google Gesture did the research new application  to translate your gestures (from sign language) into the speech. It help to break the barrier communication between Deaf and Hearing world. We will see how the Google Gesture's concept can help us or not?

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