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Google Self-Driving for Disability People

Google Self-Driving's project is about changing the lifestyle's disability people, mean their life become improving when the disability people use the self-driving car, it help to bring them as the passengers to where place so easier when they owned it!

Google designed new prototype; self-driving car without human intervention, it relies on built-in sensors and a software system to safely maneuver the vehicle, so it can do all the work. They give a try for the volunteers; blind person, old couple, family and others. It is very friendly for the disability people who cannot drive! The disability people no need to learn the driving license, so they enjoy to ride it! 

They don't have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal! A passenger just press a start engine to drive so auto, after they press the screen maps or can use their voice to tell about where they want go to? This small car have two seats, let more spaces for their pet, dog can sit inside! 

So, this driverless technology would expand the appeal to a wide range of people suitable for the driverless people, such as the people are too old to drive, are too young to drive, have had their license suspended, are too drunk or stoned to drive safely, and many! Thanks to Google for improving our disability community around world!

For Deaf drivers, they must drive to focus where they go so, so they cannot SMS - text messaging and communicate with Deaf friends via their sign language. Only in the case, Deaf drivers are parking or stop their car so they can talk to Deaf friends or used their smartphone to make a video call or SMS to their friends. That is why they are driving so carefully.

For me, it more like a taxi-auto car, right? It have good benefits for the disability people; the people who used the wheel-chair, blind, visual-impaired, hearing-impaired and physical-ability need to use the self-driving car? What are you thinking about this project?

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