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Disabled Driving License and Renewal Only RM2 year in Malaysia!

Source image by LawBuddy.com.au
From May 1, 2013, the license fees for the car (RM30/year) and motorcycle (RM20/year) were also reduced from RM30 to RM2 per year

Further reducing living costs for the disabled, Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha announced that driving test fees that used to cost RM10 have now been completely waived.

Good news for all Deaf Malaysian citizens to get the driving license fees or can make renewal RM 2 per year only. They still can afford it since their salary are not higher or depends on OKU elaun in their life, thanks to the government  :)  

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  1. Such a very informative post. I recommend this post to my friends for reading. Great work, mate.


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