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Miss Deaf Malaysia 2012, Winnie Gubud

Miss Deaf Malaysia, Winnie Gubud is back to take part in the Miss World Competition again! She will be ready as she can get a chance to win the Miss Deaf World and Miss Deaf Europe competition when she still explore new experience to learn more as she can do! See a photo below;

Winnie Gubud is number 4 contestant, Miss Deaf Malaysia!
Source image by https://www.facebook.com/groups/missdeafworldeurope/

We, Deaf Malaysians, sure support the Winnie Gubud, Miss Deaf Malaysia 2012 from Sabah, Malaysia! With our heart, she also be with us since she went far to Prague Czech Republic for the Miss Deaf World and Miss Deaf Europe competition.

Enjoy to watch the Video Part 1

And Part 2


Visit the Official Facebook Group for the Miss Deaf World and Miss Deaf Europe Organization at https://www.facebook.com/groups/missdeafworldeurope/ 

And check out at their official website at www.missdeafworld2011-2020.com

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