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DC Treasure Hunt Games by Deaf Club, Pusat Majudiri 'Y' for the Deaf, YMCA Kuala Lumpur

Do you wish to become 'Indiana Jones' or 'Pirate' or 'Detective' when you and your friends are looking new treasure which are hidden in the mystery place which we never know..? 

DC Treasure Hunt Games also happened on 20 November 2011, Sunday. There are some Deaf and Hearing participants who joined in this games! Each team need to solve the 'Clues' at the location where the next challenge which they will found.... And a team will often travel all around Brickfields areas which confirmed by Deaf Club, Pusat Majudiri 'Y', YMCA.

5 Deaf members or non-members must join in a team, and required to bring a bring a camera for 'treasure hunt' activities. They given a time to find the challenge clues, make it a race to see who can complete it first! So, it sure be be a lot of fun for each group have 5 members only.

It help to improve your skill 'leadership' and 'teamwork' in your treasure hunting experience. They are hoping for luck. They know where to go, how to get there and who to go with. It takes time to 'test' their patience during their jounery! This make me remembered to play 'treasure hunt' before when I am teenager! This lesson must make your team communicate each other so very well, not "RUSH" to find a clue, maybe make a failure! :P

Credited by Farhan Kamar

This is a video by a Deaf talented of videographer, Farhan Kamar. He captured the interesting hunt of parts which enjoyed by some Deaf and Hearing team in the Pusat Majudiri 'Y'!

Please read the Amir Hamidi's website version Bahasa Malaysia. He invited by the Pusat Majudiri 'Y' for the Deaf, YMCA Kuala Lumpur, he become a judge who collected the markes from each team in the competition.

Wow,  they have their own creative name on each team! Cool! Congratulation to a champion, Star Pirates team, Creatively Deafies SaaS who won 2nd, and Suikoden Team, 3rd prizes!

"The first place was won by a team consisting of Star Pirates, Chai Wei Xiong (head), Ashley Lai, Ah Sam Lai, Christopher Chow and Tengku Nur Carmeela.

They received a prize winner in the form of a total of RM 300 cash only.

Creatively Deafies SaaS team satisfied the second place, and consists of Haw Ching Cher (head), Low Chai Yun, Shoba, Sitie Sarah and Suresh.
Third place was occupied by a team comprising Suikoden Team, Yap Yun Siong, Charlie Thin, James Ng, Tom Tan and Jessy Ang."
- by Amir Hamidi.

They are very happy, and share experience with the hearing friends too! This game make them excited to hunt some clues which hidden in the sealed places!

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