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Deaf Movie [Taiwan]: Hear Me

This story is about Yang Yang and her elder sister, Xiao Peng are born with hearing disabilities and they communicate using sign language in their daily lives. Xiao Peng joins the swimming team for the disabled and has ambition to participate in the Olympic one day. Yang Yang is always there to give her the fullest support.

Tian Kuo, who provides lunch catering to the swimming team are impressed with the sisters’ relationship and starts to develop his feeling for Yang Yang. He understands the hardship of the sisters and willing to wait patiently for her...

How I know about this movie "Hear Me" from Taiwan? I found it from "Connecting Deaf Malaysians" facebook. Wow.. This is great movie which I am watching! It is tune into Taiwan's best-selling movie of 2009! With sign language as their sole means of communication, the couple's burgeoning love for each other transcends their obvious language barrier, creating a light-hearted romantic comedy about life and its possibilities.

It was interesting to see a story about the life of people with hearing disabilities~! Mostly, the couple always use the sign language in this movie because he loves Yang Yang and the sisters' hearing disabilities. There are the barrier of communication between a hearing and Deaf person. That is why she also worried about Tian Kuo and his parent will accept her or not when she is Deaf. You will know this when you see the ending of story!😅

There are some comedy scenes that makes me laugh, but I was touched by the feeling' sisters! 😢 Maybe this is because my experience about me having sisters which I need to take care of.. :P I sure will not let the others bully my young sister! She loves to spend time with me a lot because I always use the sign language with my parents and sisters. They are very understanding and always support me. They don't want me give up in my life. That is why I always do my best to face my challenges. Therefore it is not easy for me to follow my dream. :)

Hear Me is pleasant and well performed, and understandably became a hit in its native territory of Taiwan! Because this movie got a wonderful expressiveness, as they use body language as often as hand signs to convey their thoughts. This is a touching and funny movie! Thumb up! :)

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  1. The guys is hearing person, know sign language. Where did he learn sign language from? So weird this story.


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