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An advice from Hellseraphim

Hello, all deaf~

I got the post message from hellseraphim

During CNY, I visited most of my former teachers and I was told that many deafs had made complaint to school for being unable to get work and asked school to help them out. The teachers were rather annoyed with their pessimistic and negative attitude. They rather expect them to be more independent on own when they are no more in school life.

If you can't meet the field that make you like it yet, why not going to college or university? It at least, will help you to discover what your likeness or fondness hidden within your heart. It will also help you to make up and confirm with your real objection and start your adventure in commercial world. Don't afraid, it's not embarrassing to continue studies after school life. It just help to widen your knowledge and to improve your interactive with commercial world.

If you have meet your likeness on certain field but the environment in work place don't suit you, try to learn adapt yourself with the environment. The deafs always has unique ability, which is able to adapt themselves in everywhere when they are making new friend. Commit yourself to your work place for 2 - 3 years then you can change to other company. DON'T even resign immediately after you've just started working in one place.

If you come back to school and seek help from after a period you being unable to find job, it's REALLY embarrassing because you can't prove you are really independent. The school's responsibility is only educate and teach you, not become your search engine. Finding job got many ways. Going to company to apply... Searching job on Internet... Finding the available vacancy from advertisement on the newspaper.

If you think the low - life job such as cleaner, car polisher is insulting and embarrassing, please throw your negative attitude away and be an optimistic person. Every job is really clean and considered "HALAL". Finding or hunting for a job is NOT a crime at all. I admit, drug trafficker is really a dead sinful crime. But no one asked you to try this, right? Just find the appropriated job that suit with your likeness.

For unemployed people, you can try searching in this website following :

Heed my advice!! Thanks a lot! - hellseraphim

I like to thank him for advising all deaf people in Malaysia~ ^ ^

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