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History of Deaf Education

I read the history of deaf education on my first time while I find the information about deaf mobile.. I think that it is good for deaf children can gain more knowledge about history of deaf education.. Read below,

The first educators

edro Ponce de Leon (Spain)
 [Portrait of Pedro Ponce de Leon] Pedro Ponce de Leon (Spain)
The first mention of deaf education goes back to the time of a Benedictine monk, Pedro Ponce de Leon (1520-1584). He is the first known educator of the deaf children. We know that he used some form of manual alphabet, a system in which each letter of an alphabet corresponds a particular hand configuration. The theory and practice of this method became public knowledge for the first time in a book written by Bonet, titled Reducciòn de las letras y arte para enseñar à hablar los mudos (1620).
Charles-Michel de l'Epée e Roche-Amboise Sicard (France)
Charles-Michel de l'Epée e Roche-Amboise Sicard (France)
In France, the abbot L'Epée founded the first public school for the Deaf (1770). L'Epée elaborated a conventional sign language, making the gestures used by his own students the central nucleus, and creating a series of signs that designate specific parts of French grammar (grammar rules). His method was further perfected by abbot Sicard (1742-1822).
 [Abbot L'Epee's portrait]

Abbot Charles-Michel de l'Epée

 [Abbot Sicard's portrait]

Abbot Roche-Amboise Sicard

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (United States)
 [Portrait of Thomas H. Gallaudet] Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (United States)
Thomas Gallaudet visited a school in Paris where he remained for several months to learn the education method used by Sicard. He brought with him to the United States a deaf teacher, Laurent Clerc. During the long voyage home, Clerc taught him signs. In 1817, Gallaudet and Clerc established the first American school for the deaf in Hartford (Connecticut). His son, Edward Miner Gallaudet, went on to found Gallaudet College in Washington in 1864.
Tommaso Silvestri (Italy)
 [Portrait of abbot T. Silvestri] Tommaso Silvestri (Italy)
In Italy, the abbot Tommaso Silvestri, who met and learned L'Epee's methods in 1783, founded the first school for the deaf in Rome. From the written works of Silvestri, we know that the use of the method was intended for teaching speech and lipreading using signs as the primary form of communication.

History of Deaf Education Malaysia

The education for the deaf in Malaysia was initiated in 1954 when the first school for the deaf, the Federation School of the Deaf was established in Penang, Malaysia. I am visiting 50th FSD anniversary celebration in Tanjung Bungah, Penang since July 2004.I really miss my ex-classmates because I studied in the primary school (FSD) b4 . If you know about history of deaf education malaysia..See more information FSD;

Do u know about this?

-15 Deaf students have graduated or are currently enrolled at Gallaudet University, USA.
-Many deaf students studied in University LimKokWing, Cyberjaya
- Few deaf students can study in college and university, e.g. RIT New York, HELP university, KDU, Multimedia University (MMU), UiTM, UTM, USM and others..
- 4 or 5 deaf people like to become teacher and teach deaf students in deaf schools~

The disability should not be a hindrance to achieving one's ambition and success in university and college. Hard work is the key to success for people including the handicapped deaf and disabled community!!

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